Statement of the subject of study

After developing my energy map for four hours, the energy consumption of the ice rink and cooling systems were huge consumers in energy.  I decided to develop this further and use this study to focus on the concept of refrigeration. This assignment will help develop an understanding the history of refrigeration, new strategies that are being developed and alternative energy sources that could lead to a different set of possibilities for public life.

Outline of argument

  • I want this study to help foster better ways of using refrigeration systems.  In doing so I will begin with the history of the technology.  This will represent how refrigeration systems came about and why.
  • I will then discuss the new strategies and technologies that are being developed to make refrigeration more efficient.
  • Many new alternative energy sources are being developed as a result to high electric bills.  These new energy efficient systems could lead to a different set of possibilities for public life.  I will study how these sources can affect public life in a better way, starting from home with the ice rink.

Significance of topic, implications for design

The late twentieth century phenomenon of climate displacement has great significance towards sustainable design and energy use.  This manipulation of the environment, constructing entirely artificial climates outside of the domain of their natural occurrence, has not been around for very long in terms of refrigeration. Using refrigeration to create an artificial climate has only been around for the last 70 years.

Method of research, sources of information (prelim bibliography)

Phillippe Rahm (

Intended form of final product, with initial sketch of graphic strategy

  • Show how refrigeration can implicate design and space
    • How it can create a new geography through climate manipulation.
  • Case Studies
  • Show sankey diagrams of how energy is being used in these types of environments
  • Show how this could work in sustainable buildings (shifting the conditions of the environment in order to affect their inhabitants, rather than using advanced technology)
  • Create a digital model of a building and show the design, social and environmental implications the advanced refrigeration system develops