The Bay Game reminded me of this project called The Learning Barge.  The barge was initiated and carried about by Phoebe Crisman, a professor here at UVA.  The barge is a tool to help kids learn about the ecosystem through the Elizabeth River.  The barge has different areas that allow for children to interact with the water, the plants and systems that make up the River.  The overall goal of the project to “have the opportunity to be on the water and experience firsthand the crucial balance between industrialized human activity and a natural estuarine environment. The Learning Barge will address this deficit as it traverses the highly polluted and urbanized Elizabeth River. The educational spaces and interactive exhibits will provide meaningful, hands-on education about the tidal estuary ecology, restoration and remediation technologies, human impact on this ecosystem, sustainable practices and the importance of environmental stewardship.” (

I think this project is a great example of the creative strategies that can evolve to help the watershed as well as bring the community together. I think UVa and other local universities around the Chesapeake Bay have the ability to do great things for the Bay that will help educate citizens and improve the bay.

For more information on The Learning Barge go to: